Financial Secretary Training

Financial Secretary Trainers: We have a Financial Secretary Trainers available for the Diocese of Austin. Diocesan Deputies and District Deputies are expected to utilize these services during the year. The basic FS training session will last approximately three hours. Diocesan Deputies should ensure that internet access is available. This class is open to all councilContinue reading “Financial Secretary Training”

Senator Eddie Lucio’s Exemplification at the State Capitol

We have ironed out all the details for Senator Lucio’s exemplification at the Captial on Wednesday April 7th. Ceremony starts at 3:00 pm and the doors will close at that time. All Forth degree knights are invited to attend this unique ceremony. Arrive at the capital early as there will be a line to enterContinue reading “Senator Eddie Lucio’s Exemplification at the State Capitol”

Year of the Domestic Church in the Diocese of Austin

On Sunday, December 27, 2020, we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the Inauguration of the Year of the Domestic Church in the Diocese of Austin, under the patronage of St. Joseph. Throughout the next year, we will focus on twelve¬†monthly themes with accompanying resources. No matter whetherContinue reading “Year of the Domestic Church in the Diocese of Austin”

Knights of Columbus Texas State License Plate

Show your support for the Knights of Columbus and One Nation Under God. Cost of these plates is an additional $30 per year.  $22 of this goes directly to Texas State Charities and is tax deductible.  So the cost of the plate is really only $8 per year. Order Yours Today, you don’t need toContinue reading “Knights of Columbus Texas State License Plate”

Knights of Columbus Texas State Council – Needs Based Educational Grant Program

Texas State Council Charities maintains two Education Grant Programs that are funded by the interest received on the Cardinal Humberto Medeiros and Christopher Trust Funds managed by the Supreme Council. These two programs are the Catholic School Grants and the individual student Educational Grants. Catholic School GrantsTexas State Council Charities will award $2,000 or moreContinue reading “Knights of Columbus Texas State Council – Needs Based Educational Grant Program”

Have your council/assembly join the Austin Chapter

Click on the link below to get a copy of the Chapter Registration Form.Grand Knights fill out the form and send it to the Chapter Address or bring it to a chapter meeting with a $50 check from the Council or Assembly. The chapter dues help offset the operating cost of the chapter which includesContinue reading “Have your council/assembly join the Austin Chapter”