Greater Austin Area Chapter of Knights of Columbus
12602 Parkland Drive Austin, TX 78729

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The Knights of Columbus Diocesan Deputy is here to support the Councils, Assemblies and District Deputies located in the Austin Diocese. The Diocese will assign two Chapters to better align with the large geographic areas of the Austin Diocese. This chapter website will facilitate all Diocese and Chapter Communications to insure we get the message out to all councils and assemblies.

We invite you to join your Greater Austin Area Chapter, available to all Knights of Columbus Councils and Assemblies in the Diocese of Austin. We encourage all District Deputies to attend chapter and Diocese meetings with their councils.

Diocese and Chapter Goals

Training for effective council operations, member recruitment and member retention and sharing what works and does not work.

Maximizing the Knights of Columbus Effectiveness in the Austin Diocese by identifying key charities that all councils can combine their time, talent and treasure to support. Together we can make a major impact in areas such as John Paul II Life Center, Relevant Radio, Habitat for Humanity and others.

Support for our seminarians by insuring all councils have the opportunity to support seminarians.

Support for the Clergy by organizing and sponsoring the Clergy Appreciation Dinner that occurs every year in February.

Sponsoring the Supreme Convention in Austin, a simulcast of the Annual Supreme Convention Banquet for Local Council Members with a Texas Venue. This includes a two way conference with the Austin Delegates at the Supreme Convention.

Sponsoring the Annual March for Religious Freedom to the Texas State Capitol.

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