Knights of Columbus Night at the Round Rock Express 6/21

The game is on!

Monday June 21st will be our Annual “KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS NIGHT AT THE ROUND ROCK EXPRESS”. The game is on and we can tailgate as we have in the past.

The Round Rock Express is putting together packages for us that the Councils and individuals or groups can purchase reserved tickets ON-LINE.

“KNIGHT’S NIGHT OUT AT THE EXPRESS” ballgame at Dell Diamond in Round Rock Monday June 21st.  The base price of the reserved tickets is $15.00 but because of the fee’s the total per ticket cost is $19.50.  You can make up that extra cost on the $1.00 Hot dogs and drinks.  The link above is an easy way to purchase tickets.  If the person in charge of your group wants to purchase tickets ahead of time they can purchase as many as they would like to get so they can get the tickets together.  We have 96 tickets reserved.  If we are getting close to selling those out we will be able to add more.  If you just want people in your group to purchase tickets on your own they can go to the below link and get them that way.  The tickets will be emailed to you after you purchase them as you will have to put your email in to complete the purchase so tickets will be sent to that email. Remember if you want to tailgate you will need to get there early in the morning to reserve your spot as many of us have done in the past.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, see you all soon, take care, be safe and God Bless!!

Michael L. McLaughlin

Austin Chapter President

6633 East Highway 290 Ste. 204

Austin, TX. 78723

O-512 442-1492

C-972 998-3225

F-512 326-1492

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