Senator Eddie Lucio’s Exemplification at the State Capitol

We have ironed out all the details for Senator Lucio’s exemplification at the Captial on Wednesday April 7th. Ceremony starts at 3:00 pm and the doors will close at that time.

All Forth degree knights are invited to attend this unique ceremony. Arrive at the capital early as there will be a line to enter the capital as they are in session. Each person will have to take a COVID test on entering the capital building and results take up to 20 minutes.
Light Nose swab and you will be admitted upon passing the test.

Dress is forth degree uniform, Tuxedo social or dark suit. No Swords are needed.
Make sure you have a current 4th degree membership card as you will be asked to present it at the door.

The Forth Degree exemplification team will officiate the ceremony which will start at 3:00 pm. We will be using two conference rooms and we are looking for Pictures with all of our Sir Knights after Senator Lucio is Knighted. These will be submitted to Supreme with an article to run in Columbia magazine.

We hope we can have a good showing of support from our Assembly to welcome our newest Sir Knight. Senator is extremely excited to join the 4th degree and honored that we have pulled the strings to make this happen for him.

One thought on “Senator Eddie Lucio’s Exemplification at the State Capitol

  1. Worthy Sir Knight, thanks for the invite, God bless the Fourth and Patriotic order of the Knights of Columbus. Welcome Senator Lucio, you have always been a great advocate for the Knights of Columbus, it is with great joy to have you join the ranks of the Fourth Degree

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