Year of the Domestic Church in the Diocese of Austin

  • On Sunday, December 27, 2020, we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the Inauguration of the Year of the Domestic Church in the Diocese of Austin, under the patronage of St. Joseph.

    Throughout the next year, we will focus on twelve monthly themes with accompanying resources. No matter whether your household is a home of one person or a family of many, we are all called to bear witness to and share the Gospel with our families and within our households. These monthly themed items will be ready to for parishes to utilize, implement or share on the first Friday of the previous month.

    We ask for the intercesison of St. Joseph that we may we experience the merciful love of God throughout the next year as we grow in faith in our household, personal and parish family.

  • Prayer for the Diocese of Austin Year of the Domestic ChurchO God, creator of all, you ordered the earth to bring forth life and crowned its goodness by creating the human family.  In history’s moment when all was ready, you sent your Son to dwell in time, “practicing the virtues of family life and in the bonds of charity.” Teach us the sanctity of human love; show us the value of the Domestic Church; and help us to live in peace with all people, that we may share in your life forever. With the intercession of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, we ask this through Christ the Lord. Amen.
  • Oración por el Año de la Iglesia Doméstica en la Diócesis de Austin Oh Dios, creador de todas las cosas, Tú ordenaste a la tierra que diera vida y coronaste su bondad con la creación de la vida humana. En el momento histórico en el que todo estaba listo, enviaste a tu Hijo para que viviera en el tiempo, “practicando las virtudes de la vida familiar y los lazos de la caridad”. Enséñanos la santidad del amor humano; muéstranos el valor de la Iglesia Doméstica y ayúdanos a vivir en paz con toda la gente, para que compartamos tu vida para siempre. Por la intercesión de San José, Patrón Universal de la Iglesia, te lo pedimos por Cristo nuestro Señor. Amén.
  • Parish ResourcesParishes may access logos, graphics and social media posts at Brandfolder using the guest password option. An email will be sent to priests on the first Friday of each month outlining the resources for the following month. 

    Bulletin Content updated through February 2021

    Prayer to St. Joseph after the Rosary

    Pulpit Annoucement

    Year of the Domestic Church One-Page Flyer

    Guidance for Pastors to Share Monthly Themes with Parishioners

  • Monthly Themes
  • December 2020 The Domestic Church
    January 2021 Vocations
    February 2021 Prayer at Home
    March 2021 Lent in the Domestic Church
    April 2021 Love Your Neighbors
    May 2021 Celebrating Parents
    June 2021 The Gift of Young People
    July 2021 We are God’s Children
    August 2021 Eucharistic People
    September 2021 Family of Families
    October 2021 The Witness of Marriage
    November 2021 Season of Stewardship
    December 2021 Hail Mary, Full of Grace

  • Diciembre 2020 La Iglesia Doméstica
    Enero 2021 Vocaciones
    Febrero 2021 Oración en el Hogar
    Marzo 2021 Cuaresma en la Iglesia Doméstica
    Abril 2021 Ame a su Prójimo
    Mayo 2021 Celebrando a los Padres de Familia
    Junio 2021 El Don de la Gente Joven
    Julio 2021 Somos los Hijos de Dios
    Agosto 2021 Gente Eucarística
    Septiembre 2021 Familia de Familias
    Octubre 2021 El Testigo del Matrimonio
    Noviembre 2021 Temporada de Corresponsabilidad
    Diciembre 2021 Dios te Salve, María, Llena eres
    de Gracia


Six Steps to Foster Family Prayer

Seis Pasos para Fomentar la Oración Familiar

Setting up A Sacred Space in Your Home

Domestic Church Activities for Home 

Prayers for the Domestic Church

Excerpts from Church Documents on the Domestic Church

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